Galaxy S4 Widget Problems

I have a brand new Galaxy S4 with a problem I have never before encountered on an Android phone. At least 75% of the widgets I attempt to load eventually fail. When first added, they work fine, but after a few hours most every one states "failure to load". Anyone else having this problem or now how to fix/workaround it? The apps vary greatly... HootSuite, The Bible app, Touchdown, etc. Any feed back is great appreciated.

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I haven't had any problems with my S4 and Widgets Possibly it's something that was added to your device as I see you have three listed. Have you tried to uninstall them and add them back in one at a time to see if it's something there. I am not a proponent of Wipe and Try it again but that may be the case as something may have gotten corrupt along the way but only do that as a last resort....BTW: Was there any other messages along with what you suggested IE: COM.APPS.XYZ has stopped  responding...Might be a clue...