Galaxy S7 sound cutting out when playing videos.
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I bought my Galaxy S7 phone only 2 weeks ago.  When i play videos in Facebook or Youtube , or even a video I recorded myself, the sound stops after about 2 seconds. I just chatted with Samsung who, as usual, seems like they don't know anything about this issue. I have found many posts on their community forums and on about this same issue.  None of the suggestions posted in these forums by other users have solved the issue. I deleted several 3rd party apps at the suggestion of the Samsung rep and it didn't help. I really don't want to do a factory reset because I did that on my S5 right before buying the S7 to solve a different problem and proceeded to lose ALL my texts and a lot of my contacts.

Any ideas???

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if other apps are open & updating, you only have so much bandwidth to use....stop some of the other apps when watching a video.

all of your text messages could've been xferred to the s7 with samsung smart switch.

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Playing videos is a major portion of my time on my device, sre123. I would be lost if my audio cut out after 2 seconds. Please try closing your other open applications, as bearone21 suggests. Here is how: Press the Menu button to the left of the Home key to clost all your apps. Then try your videos.

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