Galaxy S8+ Adaptive Brightness

Yesterday my phone updated to Android 9.0 and now the adaptive brightness feature seems all messed up.  The setting is on, but it seems to always push my brightness to near max levels, I have never actually seen the screen dim at all.  Even sitting in a bright office my screen is so bright it starts to hurt my eyes.  On previous android versions, I could still move the slider and the phone "learned" the brightness levels that I liked.  Now if the adaptive setting is on, the slider is grayed out and I can't adjust anything.  Anyone else have these issues or know a fix?

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Re: Galaxy S8+ Adaptive Brightness
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Thank you for reaching out to us through our community forums, Jfedds. We understand the importance of being able to utilize your device features. When you go to Settings>Display, what options do you have under Brightness?  



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