Galaxy S8

When I'm on an application, the application is full screen so the home and go back button are not displayed on the screen.  It's like I have to press down on the bottom center or bottom right if I want to go home or back but because of it not displayed on there when I'm in an app, I sometimes don't press in the correct area?  Is there a way I can keep those buttons displayed when going into apps?

Re: Galaxy S8
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The latest update (Samsung/Verizon roll up) changed the way the nav bar works. By default it should have displayed a message to you but it is easy to miss.  To display the nav bar drag up from the bottom of the screen.  To keep it displayed click the "dot" at the leftmost part of the nav bar.  You'll probably find like most people that it is sort of ugly to keep the new nav bar always displayed, but that is how it works for now.