Galaxy S9 ALL Contact Phone Numbers are GONE!!

My brother and I both got Galaxy S9 in March.

My brother has 50+ Contacts.  I have 270+ Contacts.

A couple weeks ago my brother's phone lost some contacts, including my contact information.  Completely gone.

Then this last week ALL the remaining Contacts, their phone numbers are GONE!!  The Contacts are there, just the phone numbers are all blank.

We are both using the Verizon Messages.  He accepted the updated to Messanges, where I refused the "Get Started" for the new Update.  Could that be the problem?

Regardless of if the phone is connected to the Verizon Cloud, or the Google Cloud, there is NO reason the Contact phone numbers should all go away.  I have setup his phone to the Verizon Cloud, but looking on the cloud, ALL the Contact Phone numbers are GONE.

I do NOT think this is anything he could have done by accident.  I mean how would you without editing every Contact and removing the phone numbers one-by-one?

I recently turned on Verizon Call Filter on his phone, but that should not mess up his Contacts.

I am seeing simular posts on the internet.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Galaxy S9 ALL Contact Phone Numbers are GONE!!

i'd suggest having the contacts tied to gmail & accessible on any device when logged into google.

Re: Galaxy S9 ALL Contact Phone Numbers are GONE!!
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I'd be just as perplexed if my contacts were wiped of their numbers. Let's see what clues we can find. Were the contacts maybe synchronized through another account like HoTMaiL email, Facebook, or Yahoo?
In the Contacts app, tap the Menu key in the upper left. What are the listed accounts there now?