Galaxy S9 Hot Spot
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I have tried multiple times to turn on mobile hot spot on my S9 and I keep getting the message "data connection not available." It's absolutely irritating.

I have three bars, have accessed it before in the same location, and have no problems surfing the web and downloading podcasts.

I've rebooted my phone and checked wifi and connection settings and it all checks out but still no hot spot. Hot spot is included in my plan so that's not the problem either.

To make things even more irritating, its after hours for verizon phone support and I've tried after hours chat but theres no connection link available to connect through my verizon.

Any suggestions?

Re: Galaxy S9 Hot Spot
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Funkster01, and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We know it can bring concern when you're S9 Hot Spot is not connecting. We'd be more than happy to review this further. Here is a link that will provide you with the best and most accurate information on setting up your Hot Spot successfully. In the event this does not work, perform a Network Reset by going into the Settings and tapping Reset as well as the Reset Network Settings. Tap this again and your device will power cycle. When the power cycle has completed let us know and we'll be here to review this further :