Galaxy s7 dangerously heating up
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Noticed battery drain after update. A few days ago screen went dark while phone still on, screen display had turned itself down to total darkness mid text. Crome has crashed 3x today. Then while charging (car charger-same one I've used for months), heat warning came up. Phone so hot I could barely get case off before, hot potatoing it into Verizon store (Royally burn me hot). Thought it was going to catch fire. They ran diagnostics on phone not finding issues.  Was supposed to get tech call, but I was stood up.  I am outside my warranty and upgrade available (I don't want a new phone, I want the phone that was functional prior to this upgrade). I was told that phone may not be able to handle the update.   The phone has gotten hot before, but nothing like this.  Store replicated issue (not even as hot as it was for me) on wireless charger.  Hotter around edges, then moved to back of phone.  Verizon guy saw odd "triangle" on display below tiny icons just below icon bar at top of phone screen.  It was there w

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Re: Galaxy s7 dangerously heating up

car charging is unregulated voltage & something i'll only use in an emergency.

if you're leaving the phone plugged in all the time, why it's getting hot.

Re: Galaxy s7 dangerously heating up
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Issues after an update is never a fun thing to deal with, jb964. Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention today. Have you or the store done any troubleshooting to try to correct the issue? Usually, after an issue with an update, a full factory reset will get everything back up and running like it once was. Had you completed a reset yet? If not, I would back up everything in your device and complete a reset to see if the issues persists or not. You can use this link for your S8 as a guide on how to reset your device.