Garbeled Phone and Dropped Calls on Seacoast o NH

Live on the seacoast. Since I dropped from the $60.00 plan to 30.00 plan cause I did not need all the data I keep getting garbeled phone, people cant hear me and dropped calls daily.I had a network extended but it does not work with the 30.00 plan (Thank you Verzion).I have been dealing with this issue for over 4 years on and off. I barley get any bars event when I am by my WIFI.

The Verizon Reseller in our town said they were working  on the issues but I literally cant make calls

For the love of god can someone can someone assist? I have a Samsung A50


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Customer Service Rep

We know how important it is to stay connected & deeply apologize for the trouble you've had trying to get support. We're are here to help! I've reviewed the area & I'm not showing any open alerts. To gain clarity, what error message do you hear/see when you attempt to place a call? Are you aware of other VZW users having the same service issues in this area? How are your other services (text messages/data)?