Google Assistant reminders not working

My Note 9 is pretty amazing. But using "Ok Google, Remind me at 9 O'Clock to get up early tomorrow," doesn't work at all. It tells me it will remind me at 9 PM (or AM as the case may be), but it never does.

Clicking on "View all Reminders" in Assistant gives me a pleasant little click sound, but nothing happens, the screen doesn't even blink.

I have Assistant notifications enabled, using the same account I was using with my S9+.

Very frustrating...

Bob [removed]

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Re: Google Assistant reminders not working
Customer Service Rep

It’s important that you’re able to get reminders when you ask Google Assistant to set them up, rvgraham789. That is also concerning to hear that you’re not able to review all of those reminders when selecting the option to view them. Let’s see if we can get this fixed. When did this issue first start happening? Were these reminders working on your S9+? What happens if you review your notification settings? Settings > Notifications > Google > More Settings in App > Reminders.

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