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Google Voice Frustration...

So VZW in their infinite monopolistic wisdom doesn't allow you to call out from Google Voice over data as this would obviously damage their ability to sell those $40 a month voice plans.  Which fine, I'll play by their rules.  However, on top of not allowing you to call out via data or wifi, calls that are from VZW customers to VZW customers still cost you minutes if you're using Google Voice to make all your calls.  Since I consider my GV number MY number and my VZW number Verizon's number (ownership) I didn't even give out my VZW number when I started my own plan.  All I want is the service I'm paying for (free verizon to verizon calling). Is there any chance of a sane resolution to this?  Or am I hacking SIP onto my phone?  God I wish there was competition in this market...

Beautiful sound calls... pennies per minute, free incoming, sure, I'm sold.  I tried to do something similar on my Fascinate but was kinda of bothered by not being able to use the default dialer.  Googles integration of sip into the dialer is awesome.  Onto the age of bits.

Re: Google Voice Frustration...
Sr. Leader

Uh. Google voice HAS NEVER used data to call out... It has ALWAYS been call forwarding...

Re: Google Voice Frustration...

I use GrooVe IP to make Google Voice calls over cellular data. Sometimes it is a little staticy due to the network speeds, but it allows it to work w/o using minutes. I also have GrooVe IP on my WiFi only Xoom, when my phone's battery is low...

Re: Google Voice Frustration...

+1 For GrooveIP

Re: Google Voice Frustration...

Google Voice is not disabled in the Galaxy nexus, but it also doesn't work right out of the box.  Load it to your device and log in.  you will get an error message saying that your carrier doesn't support it or something along those lines.  Ignore the message and finish.  Then on your computer go to the google voice page and log in with the same google account you use on your phone.  on the top right hand corner of the page pull down the settings icon (looks like a gear) and click on "Settings".  Find your VZW phone number on the list and on the last row you will see a link that says deactivate google voice on this phone.  click on it and deactivate google voice.  Once that is done, the link will change to activate google voice on this phone.  click on that.  Google voice should now be working properly on the galaxy nexus, and yes, you can use it to make outgoing calls over the data network.  I know because I use my GV number in this fashion (though I limit mine to international calls only, and use my VZW number for local ones.  Just configure GV the way you want it to work.

I hope that works for you all.