Group Texting Issue on Galaxy S6

Having a group texting issue on Galaxy S6 today. When I hit send it says the message "failed". Tried to re-send and it says the message "failed" again. Then (much later) received replies from some recipients of the group saying that they received the message repeatedly over 50 something times!

This seems to be a exclusively a verizon message+ problem because I switched over to the Samsung message app and created a the same group and sent the same message with no problems.

Also, on the verizon message+ app, there are no issues with sending/receiving texts to and from individual recipients. 

Spoke about and trouble-shot the problem with a verizon tech support person and they were stumped and asked me to take the problem to the next tier support team... I didn't have anymore time to spend on the phone.

Can anyone help? Please?

- kelley913

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