Help!? GS7E won't stay on. Tried troubleshooting.

Ok, here are the details.

*NOTE: My internal memory is full. Also, I have a that GS7E purple line that everyone loves. It would normally be visible AS SOON as a command was given to the screen. This would happen while the screen was still black the moment right before the full visuals came up. If my screen was ever blacked out because of some issue (frozen, slow to show screen, power up/down, etc.), the line would ALWAYS remain visible, unless the phone was asleep, or shut off. ANY TIME the phone was considered "awake", the line would be visible.*

I woke up and went to turn on my phone on, but the screen would not wake up (no line). The LED was flashing red, and the phone had been charging all night like normal.

I attempted to restart using the Maintenance Boot Mode (MBM). I powered on with normal boot, saw the first "Galaxy S7 Edge" screen, then the screen went to sleep, and would not even show the line when I pushed the home or power buttons.

Opened MBM, powered down, plugged charger in, line illuminated, charging screen cycled like normal. I let it charge for about 3min back to 100%, turned it on, unlocked my phone, was able to use it before the screen went to sleep (no line) after about 30sec of use. Screen showed no line with home or power button press.

Did not place on charger, opened MBM, booted safe mode, opening GS7E screen, then immediately to sleep before any other screen, no line on button press.

Opened MBM, powered down, placed on charger, normal charging screen cycle, let sit a while, removed charger, waited a couple minutes, powered phone on with power button, fully powered on, unlocked and used phone for about 30sec before sleep with no line on button press.

Opened MBM, powered down, placed on charger, normal charge screen cycle, let sit fora long time removed charger, no function (no line) when attempt to power up with power button.

Opened MBM, powered down, let sit for long time off charger, powered up with power button, able to use for a few minutes before sleep, no function with button press, opened MBM, powered down, and leaving it off for now.

Will attempt to clear more memory next time I can get it on for a little while. Hope that might help. Any ideas on any next steps?

Anyone have an idea on my next step?

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Re: Help!? GS7E won't stay on. Tried troubleshooting.
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That detailed information is much appreciated. Having a device that works correctly is essential, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a very dependable device. We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've already completed, which includes clearing more memory for your phone, and we're here to help you in any way we can. Let's continue working together. Have there been any recent changes to your phone? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, SIM Card change, etc.). Has there been any damage to your phone?