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Help with jellybean.

I too am having an issue where the phone doesn't ring.  Sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn't.  This is new with JB.  I am also having an issue with messaging.  The notification in the notification bar will not go away.  It says I have 112 new messages.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled my messaging app.  The app I am using says it supports JB.  I am not getting any picture messages and I am not sure if I am getting all the text messages.  The app will often just go blank and there will me a few minutes where the screen turns black and is inoperable.  I then get a message saying that it is not responding.  All the apps as well as the phone seem to be at bit quirky.  When I reboot the phone it stays on the black screen with the Google text on it for nearly two minutes before the reboot starts.  This is also new.   Also, still having same issues with call quality, in fact they may be worse.  Still having a lot of static and background noises as I did with ice cream sandwich but now I have a low pitched humm that is taking over the calls.  Data connectivity about the same.  Anyone else experience this?   I have rebooted, pulled battery as well as sim card.  Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated. 

Re: Help with jellybean.

Well, for the notifications, they are from the out of the box app that comes w/ the phone, usually when you install an additional message app, in the settings somewhere is a "disable all other notifications"...something like that.

I've got a slow reboot also, I'm kind of disappointed in the little wimpy cross in the middle....I'm hoping the difference is it's spending longer on the google logo and less on the animation....the boot up was so long I headed to the verizon store and it started doing the small "x' finally.

One thing I noticed when they change your sim card they put yours back into the holding card to use on someone else....that's not good is it?  Previously tech supp from VW sent me...I thought a new one when I first got my phone.

Re: Help with jellybean.

I am experiencing all the same things.  IMHO the new jellybean is causing all these issues.  I never had them until the this update.

Re: Help with jellybean.
Customer Support

Hello Everyone,

Isn't it exciting that Jellybean is released on your devices. I will be more than happy to assist you today.
It sounds like your messaging application isn't compatible with Jellybean. I would use the application that was pre-installed to see if the notification problem still exist.

With the various issues everyone is having, we do recommend backing up everything in order to perform a master reset. We often recommend performing this after any huge software update, where the phone's interface is change. Since the phone doesn't have a memory card. If you have text messages that need saving, there are many third-party applications in the "Play Store"  that will allow you to backup your text messages. All media and pictures are able for backup thru our application called "Backup Assistant Plus", or you can transfer the files and pictures to your computer as well.  You are able to perform the master reset by the following steps:

1. From the home screen, select "apps".

2. From the Apps tab, select "settings".

3. Under the PERSONAL section, select "Backup & reset".

4. Under the PERSONAL DATA section, select "Factory data reset".

5. Select "Reset phone".

6. Select "Erase everything".

After this is done, you should see improvement in your devices function and performance. If you device still has the same issues, then we will know it is hardware.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

Please follow us on twitter @vzwsupport