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Hi all, I'm dealing with the second recall of replacement N7's and I too have been very frustrated so I'll share what I learned this evening from VZW CSR's they were helpful and yes like millions of others, I don't like the way things have been going but I escalated my call to a Manager as well. We have two devices the first were purchased in August. We then traded out the first defective devices at a Corporate store, the went very well for us as we waited for the dust to settle and the first recall to become more clear. We were lucky and very happy with the first recall trade. Then the new one ca

On the second recall issue, I've followed the forum and industry news and tech sites trying to get clarification. I followed the link for the information VZW announced, to do an online upgrade. The first issue I had was that on one of devices the upgrade eligibility had not been changed. So, I had to call VZW CSR to get them to change that date as no matter where we decided to exchange we had to be sure both devices were eligible the CSR had a manager override the system and change the date. HOWEVER, that does change the future upgrade date to the day of the override. I was very upset about that as my device still showed the original upgrade of September. I called again and spoke with a manager who explained there is no way to back date the original upgrade date. The system just doesn't allow it and because the replacement phone is a new device with a new contract, that date of upgrade goes with the day we purchase/exchange to the new device. He also told me that there really is no set upgrade date on any device these now. Once we add the new devices the only way to do an early upgrade would be to pay off the remaining balance on the current device and upgrade to another. That seems pretty much set in stone. New device, new customer agreement, new upgrade date. The contract is legally binding, hence the new upgrade date.

Regarding the $100 Samsung loyalty credit offer.  It is only offered to those who stay with Samsung and switch to another Samsung Device. I didn't aks directly as we are going to the S7Edge but those who go to another or just refund will get a $25 credit in some manner, for that you'll have to give a call or look at the Samsung offer as it is Samsung offering it, not VZW. As far the $100 offer applies it applies to all N7s on the account. In our instance we have two devices so that is $200 for both N7 devices. Per the Manager I spoke with, that credit will be applied to our bills within ONE TO TWO BILLING CYCLES. There are no conditions on that Samsung Customer Loyalty credit even if you got the first Samsung inconvenience credit of $25 on the first recall exchange. So, if you go from your N7 to an Edge7 or other Samsung device. You do get a full $100 pr device. If you go to an Apple device. You won't get the credit. Sucks but that's the official word that I got.

Regarding taxes and fees, upgrade fee should be waived, restock fee waived. Any other fees waived. If you have an issue.. CALL THEM.
Shipping is free. SAMSUNG SENDS YOU THE SPECIAL BOX with shipping information, that box with your  device goes directly back to Samsung, then Samsung reports to VZW that they have received the defective device and it's wipe from the account. That is standard with any exchange for different device when ordered online or through Customer Service. The exchange of devices is handled the same way any upgrade device would be as Samsung and VZW want to ensure the defective device is in Samsung's hands. The new device has it's own contract and all exchanges will show as whatever date we order the new device. As far as taxes - FOR THOSE WHO DID THE FIRST EXCHANGE - at the time you got the credits on the exchange to the second N7 your ORIGINAL taxes on the FIRST device order SHOULD have been credited either immediately at a store or on your credits to your bill. Therefore, when you order your new device, it's as if you are purchasing it for the first time and if you are in a state that charges tax, that tax applies to the new order. Again, they should of refunded your original taxes and you should of already seen that on your bill. So, as much as it sucks we do have to pay taxes just as we would for any new device. Check your receipts if you lookin under billing on MY VERIZON you can look under receipts and see the actual copies if you purchased from a store. You'll also find breakdowns of all changes to your account there. You'll see exactly how the credits were applied in our first N7 to N7 exchange. If you were credited on the first device and then charged tax on the second device you should see then get a credit on the new taxes. Again, per the Manager I spoke with.

You can call VZW Customer Service and they can get you a direct number for your closest store and they can tell you exactly what devices that store has in stock and what colors are available if you are going to say an S7 Edge, like we are. Stock of S7 Edge is very low at stores but if they have the device you want in stock you can go that store and they have they SHOULD have the special boxes to return the N7s and take that device right there for you. Right now, the projected date of new devices to VZW for ordering online is October 21'st. Those who get in the orders prior to the date ONLINE - should see a shipping date around October 24th. Again, my info here relates to doing an N7 Exchange for a new Samsung device. I recommend you do this online or directly with sales or customer service with Samsung. OR  call VZW CS and get them to give you the direct phone number for your store and ask them to check the inventory of your local store. They can tell you what the store has on hand and you then go do the exchange with them . I'm so sorry this is so long. However, I do hope it will help someone. I learned a bit more and there are things I don't care for but those CSR's and Store employees really are trying to do their best with what they are told from the top. So, I hope we can all take a deep breath when we call into VZW CS, try to be calm with them. If you aren't getting the resolution or information you feel you need. Ask them to escalate the call to a Manager and speak with them to resolve and get solid information. Hang in there all. I really feel your pain and and frustration. I"m broken hearted that I'm losing a phone I just love. But, $200 from Samsung for my trouble is worth it.

This is long and I'm burnt out tonight so forgive any edits I missed as I'm just hitting .. SEND.

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