Home Screen buttons disappear while in Apps

My home screen buttons at the bottom of the screen on my Galaxy S8 will disappear while in apps such as message+, voice mail. I have to swipe up to have them reappear. How do I keep them on all the time while in apps. Note: they are there all the time when not in an app

Re: Home Screen buttons disappear while in Apps
Customer Service Rep


As an Android consumer myself, I can understand the importance of having your main icons available at the bottom of your screen at all times. The software for Android phones is designed so that those icons do not appear while using apps to ensure they won't interfere with your apps. Unfortunately, there isn't a setting that you can use to change it as it is part of your software. I hope this information provides some clarity. For any additional support for your device, please visit us at https://vz.to/2qwCaBw


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