Horrible service Northern NM
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Has anyone else been having issues with their service

in the Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Espanola Areas in the

last two weeks? My calls are dropping and I can't even

check my email, it won't load. Forget about streaming or

social media. I can't even #228 to update the roaming.

Yesterday I looked up Verizon Outages and there is an option 

to check what kind of issues you are having to let them know and 

my post said Las Cruces and I was in Los Alamos??? What is going 

on Verizon!! We are paying for the "BEST" service and it's the absolute

WORST lately! Has me wanting to switch to a different carrier after 20 years

being a loyal customer. 

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Re: Horrible service Northern NM

you shouldn't be doing *228 to a smart phone.

the best network speeds you'll ever see range between 5-12mbps & cna be much slower.

Re: Horrible service Northern NM
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Hold the phone, nadacow! We'd be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family after 20+ years of loyalty. We want to make sure that we provide you with the best service for your cellular service. You stated that this started about two weeks ago. Have there been any changes to your device (new software or apps)? Does your device show 1X, 3G, or 4G/LTE on the phone? Please provide me with some details.



Re: Horrible service Northern NM


I and my wife are also Verizon customers in Los Alamos since before it was Verizon. The bandwidth and signal coverage in Los Alamos is dismal. Calls will litteraly drop right in the center of town, and I cannot get a signal on a Samsung S9 in my building at the end of the airport. That building has a clear line of sight for miles in every direction, so there is absolutely no excuse. I have to use WiFi calling in my house, as I am on 1x, as is my wife's phone, a S9+. If you are on the phone walking down the street, your call will drop entirely as you turn the corner. This is in the middle of residential streets, the ones your customers live on. I have multiple people who are friends working at the Lab, who has a contract with Verizon, who cannot use theur phones in their offices. As Los Alamos is a very compact town in the snallest county in the US, and entirely contained on the top of 3 mesas at the same elevation, there is no excuse that Verizon can give for us not having the service we pay for. I called in a trouble ticket 2 months ago for the signal, and was told by the technicians that indeed the signal in town was bad in most places. However, they could not fix it due to corporate making them pull down extra transponders that provided the coverage. One set of transponders in the center of town on existing towers could fix this issue instantly. In the meantime, we are paying hundreds of dollars a month for no useable service. Maybe its time for a class action lawsuit against Verizon for defrauding the Federal Government and charging customers without providing services charged?