Hotspot Broken

Ever since my phone was activated on the limited time "Buy one get on free" special, my hotspot never decided to work. It keeps on saying that I need to subscribe to the service, when I should be able to use it. I am on the beyond unlimited plan, and in the plan, I get access to the hotspot. So why is it doing this? I'm the only line on my family plan to have this issue. I have factory reset my phone, on the latest pie firmware, and this issue persists. My sim card in another device allows it to use the mobile hotspot, so is there something wrong with my phone??? No one at Verizon has heard of this issue. Really stinks to be the first user to have this problem.

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Re: Hotspot Broken

call cs, 1.800.922.0204, this is a how to forum, not resolve accounting issues.