How can I disable visual voicemail

Yesterday, my S22 started displaying a voicemail setup page when I tapped my voicemail app.

It says that my free premium visual voicemail trial is ending today. I have 3 options to choose from: subscribe to premium, end free trial now, or continue to inbox. 

When I try to end the trial or go to inbox, the page blinks and does not allow me to go to my inbox. How can I disable this from appearing and use my basic voicemail app?


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Re: How can I disable visual voicemail
Customer Service Rep

Rokkett, I appreciate you coming to us with your concern. I apologize if there has been any inconvenience. Please follow the below steps to disable this feature. 


Sign into your MyVerizon account online from a computer. Go to the My Plans & Services area and select Block Services. Under the Purchases, section adds the Block Visual Voicemail feature.


Please keep us posted if further assistance is needed.