How do I activate Galaxy S6 Edge with a German SIM card?

Call and text work, mobile data does not.

I have purchased call/text/data service from a company here in Germany and was sent a SIM card. Per my online research, Verizon says they don't lock their 4G smartphones so they cannot be used with other providers. I installed the SIM card and typed in the appropriate information as a new Access Point, and when I hit save it returns to the previous menu without saving. The built-in access point, "LTE - Verizon Internet," is grayed out. In the Mobile Networks section, under Network Operators it says Wilkommen, so it knows Im in Germany. But when I go to that submenu, the Search Networks is grayed out with a never ending wheel of death and Select Automatically is also grayed out.

I have not been able to find a way to contact Verizon in the US via email. Hoping to avoid having to pay for an international call where I will inevitably be on hold for 45 minutes. Thank you in advance.

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Re: How do I activate Galaxy S6 Edge with a German SIM card?
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There is no need to contact Verizon regarding this issue. You did complete the phone activation by installing the SIM card, and you're correct, the phone is not locked to Verizon, if it was locked when you installed the SIM the Galaxy would have displayed an error message and no service including calls or texts would work.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge sold by Verizon lacks the physical compatibility in its hardware radios to be able to access many of the 4G LTE frequency bands used in Germany as it was manufactured to be used with specific networks.

That phone model is compatible with most of the 4GLTE network operated by E-Plus, about half of the Vodafone 4GLTE network, a little more than half of T-Mobile's, and it is not compatible with any of the frequency bands used by O2 in Germany. To get the best data service and coverage with your SIM you'd want to use a different model device that has the hardware radios able to access all the LTE frequency bands used in your country