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How do I assign a contact ringtone to my fascinate phone?

I have looked all over this website and still can't find how to assign contact ringtones.  Does anyone know out there?

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Re: How do I assign a contact ringtone to my fascinate phone?

The only way is to store the contact locally on the phone and not through gmail.  When you create a contact, it gives you the option for Google or Phone.  You can, however, move your google contacts to the phone.  Open Contacts on your phone and hit the menu button, choose More, Import/Export, select export to sd card and hit ok.  Now repeat the process but choose import from sd card and select Phone.  You'll probably want to go into the Account Sync options for google in settings and set contacts not to sync so you don't have duplicates and your contacts will no longer be auto-synced with your gmail account.

Re: How do I assign a contact ringtone to my fascinate phone?

If you see a dialog that asks you to save the ringtone, make sure you click the checkbox before you click Save. You may not see that since you are importing but when I updated my ringtones thru My Media Retrieval, that's what I had to do when I received them as files in messages. And the checkbox is not obvious because it's inset in an arrow graphic in the dialog.

Re: How do I assign a contact ringtone to my fascinate phone?

There are a few ways to assign a ringtone.  Here is one way.  It may not be the easiest, but it works for me.


Setting a ringtone on the Fascinate is not as straight forward as it should be.  Try this:


-Go into your contacts and select a contact.

-Hit your menu button.  Select Edit.

-Up top, make sure you select "Phone" and not "Google."

-Scroll down and you will see "Ringtone."

-Hit the Arrow Key.  You will be asked whether you want the default ringtone or phone ringtone.

-Select Phone Ringtone.

-Select the Ringtone you want and select Okay.

-Save your entry.



That should set your ringtone for each contact.  Now, how do you get a ringtone you downloaded from an app into the list of "Phone Ringtones" in which to select from?  For me, I have an app that I download ringtones from.  So any song that I have downloaded has ended up saved to my sd card (go to Apps and select "My Files.") in that apps' file.  Find where your ringtones have been saved on your sd card.  For me, the app that I downloaded has its own file folder on the SD card.  Go to each ringtone in that file and do the following:


-Long press on a ringtone.  Select "Copy."  You will be returned back to the list of your files.

-Select the "Media" file.

-Select "Audio."

-Select either "Ringtones" (if you want a ringtone for calls) or "Notifications" (if you want a ringtone for a text message, voicemail, etc.).

-Paste your ringtone into the selected folder.

-Repeat as needed.



After you do this, then you can go into your individual contacts as noted above and select your ringtones for each contact instead of having to use the default ones that came with your phone.  Hope this helps!