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I have been a customer for many many years.  I saw a Verizon sign saying buy 1 Samsung 9 Note 128GB and get another free when adding a line.  I wanted to get a total of 4 with 2 new lines.  They took our information and starting doing everything.  Then they went to make sure phones were in stock and disappeared for a long time.  Then they came back and said oh, that promotion is no longer valid and you will have to pay the full price.  I called Verizon directly and got the same response.  You can buy an iphone and get one free if you want but sorry about the S9 Note.

I'll take my 4 lines and my unlimited plan and call it a day but first I want an email address for corporate.

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You're absolutely right.  What's worse is every other carrier is currently offering this same same deal except for Verizon. I called them twice to try and upgrade my current phones and add a line. I was initially told the deal had expired an was not expected to return and because this was something only being offered by the manufacturer, Verizon was no longer able to honor it. Then I watched commercials from Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all advertising the same bogo deal for the new Galaxy Note. I called Verizon again to see if the deal was back and got the same spill of our deals can change from day to day and they were not offering it at this time. I even asked if they were able to match other competitors deals and was told no and the only way to benefit from that deal now was to switch to another carrier. Unbelievable!


depends when & where you saw the promotion.

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KEVFOL9, your many years definitely do not go unnoticed, so I am beyond disheartened to hear that you are looking elsewhere. As a consumer, I am the first to be on the lookout for the best promotions on the market. Promotions do constantly evolve to cater to a number of customers, and I am more than eager to view methods to get you a device that you will enjoy. I have sent you a message in your inbox regarding accessing your account. Please reply to me there. I would be more than happy to take down additional feedback regarding our promotions as well.


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Promotions end all the time. Sounds like you went at the wrong time.

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