How do I disable the Mobile Data warning

I don't like to run around with my mobile data on for a variety of reasons (this thread is not to debate the merits of that).  As a result, I often turn on my mobile data to do something, and then turn it off when I'm done.  Every time I turn it off, I get a popup:

Mobile data

Your phone's Video Calling function won't work when mobile data is off.  Also, you won't be able to use the Internet, Email or other apps that need a data connection unless you use Wi-Fi.  Turn off the mobile data connection?

with buttons to cancel or turn off.

Listen, Samsung and/or Verizon, I know.  I'm well aware at this point.  Can you please not prompt me with that every time?

Is there a way to turn this off?  I turned off video calling, but that didn't stop the message.

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Re: How do I disable the Mobile Data warning
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I appreciate your concerns over this popup  and want to help alleviate them for you. As a S9 user myself, I did some poking around to see what is possible. It brings me no pleasure to share that the message will always come up when turning off mobile data.

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Re: How do I disable the Mobile Data warning

This is unacceptable. Just another reason I am displeased with Verizon, including my $1050 Note 8 that can't be moved to other networks. I really want to use the worse derogatory words to you bit my comment will be and so badly too. It really boils my blood the amount of facism this provider exercises. I was going to purchase a 5G device and instead of making it a normal upgrade to data speeds, I would have needed to pay even more ( on top of the higher cost of the 5G device) to use the faster network). It should have been 4G runs out of data and you get unlimited 3Gn bit its 2G. If your 5G runs out of high speed data it should downgrade to 4G, not 2G.