How do I recover all deleted files??

My phone just erased everything off my device. The little android guy came on, said erasing, and it's all GONE, including my text messages with my cousin who JUST passed away this week. How do I recover everything?? I need help now! We have memorials, viewings and the funeral this week and I have no contacts!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!

Re: How do I recover all deleted files??
Customer Service Rep

KatieSlavic, I wanted to extend my condolences to your family during this time. It is very important that we attempt to recover your device's information. The good news is android has many ways to backup your data. Were you able to restore some of your data since it's been a little over two days? If not, do you remember using a backup service on your phone (ie: Verizon Cloud, g-Mail, Samsung, etc..)?

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