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How do you upload photos from phone to PC?

Hi everyone,


I am trying to upload photos from my phone and I'm having some trouble.  I downloaded the Verizon Media Manager and I clicked


the button on the bottom that says "Get pictures from camera or phone."  After I clicked that, a message instantly pops up saying


"getting media from device is completed" but no photos appear.  I am pretty slow with computers and phones so if anyone could


go through a step to step process on how to upload my photos from my phone to the PC, I'd gladly appreciate it.  Thanks again.






Re: How do you upload photos from phone to PC?

Connect your fascinate to your computer using the USB cable that came with your phone. When you first connect it you will get a message on your computer screen saying "run toollauncher-bootstrap.exe", do not choose that but X out of the notice. Within a minute you will see the USB icon on the pull down notification bar at the top of your fascinate. Pull down the notification bar and touch where it says "USB connected." You will then see "mount and don't mount" Touch mount and you will be connected to your computer. You will see a box open that says "open folder to view files" click that.


You will be able to see the drive on your computer which is the SD card in your fascinate. Go down to DCIM and open it. Click on camera and you will see the pictures you took with your fascinate.


At this time you can choose the pictures you want to transfer to your computer. You can either drag and drop or you can copy and paste your pictures to a folder on your computer.


When you are finished copying your pictures close windows explorer. On the lower right hand side of your computer screen is the task bar, choose the icon that says "safely remove hardware. Highlight the "samsung SCH-I500 card USB device" and then click stop. A confirm box will appear then click OK. You will see a box that says "this device can now be safely removed from the computer."


Don't unplug the USB cable yet, instead scroll down the information bar on the fascinate and touch "turn off USB storage." A box will open then click on "turn off." At this time you can either leave the USB cord connected to your computer to charge the fascinate's battery or you can unplug it from the computer.


Remember while you are copying pictures from your phone to the computer, if you try to access the SD card in your fascinate from your phone it will not appear because it is mounted to the computer.

Re: How do you upload photos from phone to PC?
Re: How do you upload photos from phone to PC?


nickjr wrote:
The best and easiest way I know of :

I have never used this program but I used something similar on a Windows Mobile phone I used to have. Once the software was set up it was very convenient to use and I agree it would be the easiest to use if you have a wireless network available. Another quick and dirty method is to email the photos from the phone to your computer.