How to get rid of full screen?
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Everything is in full screen, so my home button and other buttons are not shown. How can I get rid of that option? I turned it off by the app, however not all apps gave me the option (facebook, when I'm in my settings, just to name a few)

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SMKE10684, having the full screen all the time would be a bit problematic. I want you to be able to customize your display, so you can have things set the way you want. On the S9/S9+ the full-screen option is controlled by App. Some Apps are going to be set to be full screen or not. The decision for that is made by the App developer, who might need their app to run in full-screen mode for the best experience. It sounds like you know where to check the full-screen settings, but just in case you need it I'm going to share a link from Samsung with the details on what you can adjust for the display:


Besides some specific apps, are there different places where you're finding the full-screen problematic?



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