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How to get satisfaction from Verizon.

By now a few of you, very few actually have figured it out how to get from Verizon what you felt was satisfactory. In some cases like mine my wife and I exchanged our defective new Fascinates for brand new working Fascinates. Some of you prefer a different phone altogether and a tiny minority have been successful although based on what I have read you were given a used different phone. I am going to try to put together a do's and dont's that might help you wind up with a product that you may be happy with.




I recommend starting  with the person that sold you the phone and 2 year extension, he took your money and got a commission, make him work for it.


Remember the only thing that matters is your phone will not receive phone calls and text messages, this is the most important function a phone must fulfill, it is worthless if it cannot reliably perform this basic task.


Be polite but firm, do not back down. You will be lied to in a variety of ways some unintentional some quite on purpose.


Always get the name of who you are dealing with and at the first no; escalate to the person they answer to, remember they will lie and tell you a supervisor is not available, this is a lie 98% of the time.




Try to resolve your problem on a Sunday.


There is no written policy on how any rep. will help you, so whatever you say ok to is all you will get.


Expect a phone number given here from someone that is satisfied will work for you, It will not, it is not the number that get's it done is what you say and how you say it.


Waste your time with the first person that answers the phone, they do not have the authority to really give you what you want.


Ok in conclusion keep this in mind, the reset's and the *228 don't fix anything you are wasting your time. If you have a phone that fails to receive calls the only thing that will fix it is a phone that works. Also if you are not good with words, you are passive or too nice, don't make the call yourself find a spouse, significant other or a good friend that you know can talk and verbally fight and won't back down.


Good Luck friends.:smileyhappy: