How to return Note 7 from abroad (outside of US)

Business user here. Bought TWO Note7 in August from Verizon Wireless in USA. Went to Business trip right when the issue started, and I am still outside of USA. Planned to return on Oct 25th, but now flight ban is preventing me to bright back the 2 phones with me. I don't see a procedure how to send back to Verizon the 2 phones. Asked to my Verizon business consultant, but he is lost too.

How can we send back to USA our phones? 

Re: How to return Note 7 from abroad (outside of US)
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Given the travel ban Samsung indicated that those phones would be written off as lost or stolen and do not need to be returned.  Samsung suggested just giving the phone, or in your case phones, to someone at the airport.  Be sure to keep your itinerary and ticket stubs so you can prove the travel period.

The number to Samsung is 1-844-365-6197 and they would probably be able to give better clarification as to the exchange/refund process once you get back to the US.  Verizon hasn't had any updated information on it as far as I have seen but that doesn't  mean it isn't out there on the site; I just haven't come across it as yet..