How to save voicemails without access to Android?

I had a Galaxy S8+ with 38 voicemails.  I no longer have access to the device, but I can hear all the voicemails when I dial my phone.  I am told that I will lose all of these when I activate my new, so...  Is there a way that I can save the voicemails to my laptop from the Verizon website or a means to record and save them to my laptop?  Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated ASAP! Thanks!

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If you have the Verizon Visual Voicemail application on your new phone, you should be able to download the voicemails to the phone. However if your new phone is the iPhone, you will need utilize another option to archive your voicemails before switching to Apple voicemail system.


See item 2 under Voicemail Archival.

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We understand the importance of saving appropriate information prior to switching to your device. With the Samsung Galaxy series if you have an SD card, you can save voicemail files to the card and then upload the contents of the card on your computer. Please see the link below for more information.