I am very close to suing you
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july 2020: switched to verizon from t mobile-big mistake

the samsung note 10 + you gave me was broken, brought it back to you and you told me you were gonna send me a refurbished replacement. You sent it to the wrong address, despite I called you and gave you my current address. Then you sent me another one. This time correct address.

Then you billed me for the device you sent to the wrong address. I called you multiple times, after many transfers , some bigshot manager told me to not to worry because it was gonna go away and you made a mistake.

It didn't.

I talked to a agent over chat and he told me to pay only monthly amount, because the big charge for the phone will go away.

It didn't

Now it my bill says it's in collections. I'm calling your customer service , billing department, they all see it as a legit charge. No one has any idea. 

Good thing I god screenshots of my conversations. I am very close to suing you in small claims court. I did that before and got big bucks from another company, I will not hesitate if you won't solve this. I spent maybe 10 hrs on the phone with you. I will switch back to tmobile for sure. You are the worst company ever!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: I am very close to suing you
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The phone was broken new out of the box and when you immediately took it back they wouldn't replace with a new one?  What was wrong with it?  Where did you get the phone in the first place?   Love my note 10 plus I just got a few months ago and no issues.     

Re: I am very close to suing you
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#1 Verizon doesn't make phones. As long as there is massive scale manufacturing, you will find bad batches. This is why Verizon offers 14 days to return for a new replacement. Any time after that will default to the manufacturer warranty which is where a refurbished model comes from.

#2 By default shipping is what's on file. If you had something incorrect, that's on you as the customer to update. If the address is valid, but it needed to go somewhere else, that's on Verizon. Shipping an expensive phone to an address not on file is a good way to trigger a fraud red flag, though.

#3 Reason it's probably being considered valid is because Verizon isn't going to input some random address at will. If the order shows the address on file, it's going to look like you received it and not sending it back.

Re: I am very close to suing you
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Neuronium, thank you so much for reaching out to us today. I'm sorry for the amount of time it has taken to try to find a resolution to this concern. We'd be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family. I can understand how this large charge on the account can cause some concern. With that being said, I've sent you a Private Note as well. Please respond back to that message. Kevinr_VZW