I have never seen so many dead ends, mislabeled links, unrelated search results etc.
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Now I have experienced a new, lower than I thought possible level of random time wasting apps, Android OS user interface, and IP online search results since I purchased this Note 9. Been 6 weeks and no voicemail, a month to finally have my number visible to recipient. Had a 1st tier agent on the phone that decided she was going to override managements decision on a matter that was resolved 2 weeks prior that was documented with a notation in my file and I had a text confirming this also that I was ready head to the Verizon store to give them the phone back and walk away. The voicemail app would not open, had a tier 2 rep that was very knowledgeable helping me but after some setting changes he had me restart the phone and said he would call back in 1-2 minutes, never did call, now the voicemaile app opens and it's all about visual voicemail terms and conditions and it looks to be a fee app, so what happened to regular voicemail. So I try the My Verizon app and it's only choice is update for an even better My Verizon experience, so tap and it has 2 choices, open with play store or Samsung, tap Samsung and I get Google play store, tap the app and it wants registration, are you kidding? I thought voicemail was included, never seen such nonsense, and now there's even more steps to lo in, favorite food, acct pin, 2 Captcha select photos, and finally request a sec code to phone and input code and send back........ just to use Verizon's search to self help

Re: I have never seen so many dead ends, mislabeled links, unrelated search results etc.
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run2it2, I'm sorry you've been having trouble with your voicemail. I don't want you to feel like you're running in circles trying to get help. I want to help make sure you've got working voicemail and understand how to access it. As part of that, I want to ask a few clarifying questions, to make sure we're directly tackling the issue.


What happens when you try dialing *86 to listen to your voicemail the old fashioned way? Were you using visual voicemail with your old phone before getting a Note 9? Finally, what were you trying to download originally through the Google Play Store?


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