I have no Phone because technical support pressed the wrong button??
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My business phone line is temporarily out of service because of what????  I spent hours today on the phone with technical support to fix a texting issue with my brand new (yesterday activated Samsung S20 plus) only to figure out that it was probably my sim card.  Was told no big deal, just go back to Costco verizon and have them give me a new sim card.  Well, someone at technical support put a hold or work order or something, not on my phone but on my phone number, and no one at technical support or Verizon Costco could take it off so that I could get a new sim card.  They said 1-3 business days to resolve???  What?  I have an old phone that works fine, brand new phone that works fine, but a faulty sim card and because someone pressed the wrong button on my account there is a hold of some kind that no one can remove?????  I don't understand this at all!!! All 3 tech supoort people were very nice, but all said their hands were tied.  I asked to speak to a manager or somebody that could fix a problem and was told they were not available????? I pay a lot of money for unlimited data on 5 phones on our account and my number is the only one that cannot be OFF for 1-3 business days or more because now, it is the weekend!  I have never been so frustrated!!!  We have been with Verizon for probably over 20 years!!!!!!  This is garbage.  I am tempted to just return the two new phones I just got and just go to a new provider.  If this ends up costing me even one penny for my business, I am sending Verizon the bill. 


Anyone else have anything close to this stupid happen to them?

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