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I was at a Verizon store yesterday.....I had no data/unable to connect to the web while there
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I was w/ a client who was having trouble w/ his iPhone email and decided to configure mine while there....didn't think I needed it...BUT I LIKE IT!!!  Any rate, I asked the few people who were working w/ someone why couldn't I connect to the battery was at 25% but it was plugged into power...and they told me it was because of my low battery, that when it's at 50% or lower, the phone blocks it to prevent further drain....I told them it's not so as long as the phone is receiving power...they disagreed.  When I left, I attached my power cord in my car and still couldn't connect....all four bars of the data indicator were grayed out, I didn't think much of that as the wifi indicator grays out too even when the connection is excellent.  Drove away...imagine that, I connected.  There was apparently no signal at the store...imagine that?  I don't like getting lied to or were they just dumb or my phone is the only one to do this....which is it?

As for my client, no one was of any help, nor was VW customer service, our web hosting guy was kind enough to come to the center....he's helped many of his customers set up their email on iPhone and Android...he doesn't have an iPhone himself, he has a Galaxy SIII provided by his daughter who works for T-Mobile and loves it....  Anyway, VW messed up the connection by deleting the account from his phone and didn't/couldn't get it to work.  My clients issue wasn't connectivity, he and I set that up w/ the help of our IT guy months ago....the issue was when he sent an email from his phone, there was no record in the SENT stayed empty....which would be a problem.  Well it took a while but the IT guy went through his own phone settings to use as a comparison for the iPhone, he was eventually able to figure it out....