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New to Verizon, opened 2 lines Smartphone, smart watch online last month. Today I decided to open a 3rd line for a tablet online for store pickup near me....Got an email that I needed to verify my Identity and that my order was on hold....

1ST TRY: so I try following the process through the verifying link, "INSUFFICIENT INFO TRY AGAIN". 10 TRIES, then I call customer service, they tell me to just go to the store and they will verify,

2ND TRY: so I did. Waited 15 Min to speak with a store rep, she tried helping me with the fraud department, she tried the link on her phone, didn't work, the rep at the store finally gave up and said I needed to try calling the fraud department again.

3RD TRY: customer service rep tries transferring to fraud department, I was hold for 53 min to get nothing. Finally hung up.

4TH TRY:Called again, got a fraud rep, thought I was getting some where but they just sent me another link to take a picture of my ID, still didn't work. 

5TH TRY: Rep told me to try sending the link to someone else's phone and try taking the pics through their phone.... still didn't work.  

6TH TRY: different lighting, different backgrounds still won't submit. Called Fraud again, got no where and that I had to wait 4 days for the order to cancel out...

There has to be another way to verify.... this verifying link platform is ridiculous because it's buggy and doesn't work the way it should for a premium carrier. I'm not the type of person who complains but wow this situation has definitely got me frustrated cause I was really wanting that Tab S8+ 5G, I thought Verizon was the top carrier best customer service, but maybe I should of stuck with T-mobile... experience so far has not been the best... not the first issue I've had.... I'll try again tomorrow... 


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