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In response to the filing FTC complaints

I live in a black hole for cell coverage, my home is in the middle of a middle sized city.  I've had dropped calls w/ Sprint, they sent a technician down and he varified that the signal strength fluctuated.  Same issue w/ Verizon, they thought the issue would improve when they combined towers w/ Autel over a year ago.  I still have trouble.  My argument has always been do I need to move under their tower, or how about they send me an antennae to improve my signal.  I could understand if I lived out in the boonies, but I'm in the heart of the city's coverage.  Why should I have to buy there expensive net device to boost my signal.....I think they should provide it.  There were numersous documented dropped calls while talking to tech support.

The other option for vast improvement would be wifi calling, which T-Mobile daughter lives out in the sticks in upstate Maine and it works great.  That would obviously be a solution for me, will Verizon be having the wifi calling option anytime soon?