In-store pickup is shady!
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I added a line and got a new device on 07.15, and I did it through the Verizon app. It would not let me check out, so I had to speak to an agent. I spoke to an agent, and it took her an hour to do what I did in 5 minutes.  I get the receipt e-mailed to me, and when I call to pickup the phone the next day, the store says they don't see that order, and that I would have to do the whole process with them again. 

That is very inconvenient, seeing as the agent just wants to get a sale, I assume, because I called Verizon customer service, sales and internet sales and they all say I should be able to pick that device up without all the run around. I am just so over having to go through this process  over and over again. Verizon, what is going on? 

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