Incoming calls

Initial problem was that incoming calls were receiving a message "This number is currently not available, Switch 79-1."  I was outside a surgery center waiting on a call saying my wife was ready to be picked.  She had waited an hour until I thought that she should be ready and checked in at the front desk.

After getting home, I checked my Samsung S7 phone.  Using my landline and my wife's cell, I received the message also.  I googled the problem.  Do not disturb was not engaged.  I dialed *73 to remove call forwarding which should not have been on.  After that test calls were directly sent to voicemail.

I need help to resolve issue.


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Re: Incoming calls
Customer Service Rep

Hello, miketee4023. We're very sorry to hear about the incoming call issue that has surfaced. We certainly want to make sure that you are able to receive your calls correctly in the end. When did this first begin? Are you able to make outbound calls okay? Are you able to send and receive text messages okay? BrettA_VZW