Incorrect Warranty Charged

I was charged for a warranty replacement of 299.99. Care said that my device was physically damaged. They said I could return the warranty replacement to avoid the fee, but I would not receive my original phone back. I said that was fine and sent the phone back with the return label they provided by mail. 


I've talked to customer service since October, spending hours (total of 😎 on hold with reps that could not help me. They bounced me around departments. And no one can help remove the 299.99. or maybe, no one wants to take responsibility for this charge. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. 

I continue to repeat that the damage device fee was the original phone and that the new warranty replacement was sent back to them.  I do not know what the issue is. 

I rely on my phone for work. Now they've disconnected my service because of the outstanding $299 fee. I can't work and I'm not being paid for work.  

I can't connect to anyone. I scheduled a call and I was disconnected If I call I'm redirected to financial services where they will not connect me unless I pay the device. 

Is someone going to help me.????? Literally,  what is going on here


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Re: Incorrect Warranty Charged
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you've been having so much trouble, please send us a Private Note. 

Re: Incorrect Warranty Charged
Specialist - Level 3

If you sent back a damaged phone for warranty knowingly, the charge is valid. Warranty replacements are for defects only. Physical damage would be an insurance claim through Asurion.

Doesn't matter what was sent back, the fee will stick since it's for the original damage. You're not getting a $299.99 credit for sending a damaged phone. The best outcome is having CS credit the difference between what an insurance claim would have cost as a 1 time courtesy.