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Has anyone had an extremely difficult time with getting a cracked phone screen repaired? They are telling me it is going to take 5 days to get it fixed (Or I can pay the 249 dollars to get a refurbished replacement). I payed 1300 dollars for this phone. Why in the world is it going to take 5 days? This is the one of if not the newest and hottest phone in the industry right now so "not having the parts" is not a good enough excuse. It has taken me 5+ hours to get this squared away. Why is Verizon still doing business with this company if they are so horrible? Verizon is big enough to have a place to do this themselves instead of outsourcing their claims and repairs. I just switched over from another phone carrier and now I am rethinking my choices. 5 days? I am on hold with "tier 2 technical support" now and have been on hold for quite a long time. "Call volumes are higher than normal". Why does it seem to be a cop out? "Come on, man"

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Just my 2 cents but seems they blame delay on anything 

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We're sorry to hear your experience. Do you still need assistance at the moment?