Iphone not receiving android pics

I have a Samsung 22 ultra in the past 2 months in May and June of 2023 all of my iPhone User friends will not receive any pictures from me.it just gives them an error message I use Google messages. What's going on?

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We always want to make sure that you're able to enjoy all features on your device, picture messaging included. Please tell us, what type of device did you have prior to the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Do you encounter the same issue when using a different messaging app? To clarify, are you able to send picture messages to Android devices?



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I ran into this problem when I switched from an iPhone to Samsung. iPhones were trying to send and receive iMessages to me, which are proprietary to Apple. They would not go through to my phone, and my messages would not go through to iPhones. Apple is aware of this problem, but they are not fixing it...Apple suggested that I buy another iPhone to fix the issue. 

Have you recently switched away from Apple, and could you check to see if your friends' phones have your number stored as an iPhone user? 

Hope something I typed helps you out.