Is anyone else waiting for their BOGO rebate for the S-7 Edge?

I too am still waiting for my BOGO resolution. I was talked into this offer by a representative at the Exchange Mobile Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. This store is a vendor for several carriers at military exchanges. I did not receive my rebate card after waiting for a couple of months. Called Verizon and was told there was nothing in their system.

Went back to the seller and brought up the issue. The selling individual had told me that all the required BOGO rebate paperwork had been submitted and I would receive my rebate card in 4 to 8 weeks. No rebate. The manager of the vendor referred me back to Verizon Rebate Center. Called them and I was referred back to the seller.

The seller again referred me back to the Verizon rebate center. I told her I was getting no where with Verizon and she agreed to elevate my issue to their in house Verizon representative. Many back and forths between the Exchange Mobil Center and myself, I was told the in house representative was waiting for an answer from Verizon and my case would take awhile because there were so many customers with the same problem...NO BOGO REBATE.  Contacting anyone associated with Verizon has done no good.

Well, here I am a year and a half later, still waiting. The only reason I bought these phones was because of the BOGO rebate. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. The store is a 50 mile roundtrip for me. I would have never bought these without the promise of a BOGO rebate. I will be going back to my previous prepaid carrier after this debacle.

Re: Is anyone else waiting for their BOGO rebate for the S-7 Edge?
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If it's been a year and a half with no satisfaction from VZW, I hate to say it's unlikely you will ever get what you're owed.  Unfortunately, Big Red doesn't care.

Re: Is anyone else waiting for their BOGO rebate for the S-7 Edge?
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This isn't the experience we want for you. We've sent you a Private Message in your inbox.


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