Issue with Galaxy S7 notifications??

Same thing with my S7 no LED indicators and I really don't like the fact that your text msg. appears on the screen while your boss is standing behind you. That I can fix, but really. I feel the same about the updates. My greatest fear is that it always seems to mess up about the time you are eligible for a upgrade WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO.

This phone meets my needs but it generally takes 2 years, forums and Google to figure out the stuff added to your phone you didn't need in the first place. Doesn't anyone who creates these updates try them out before badgering you to update. I waited over 3 weeks before I updated, because I knew something would change and I would have to get on Google, forums or call regarding some new issue. As much as you pay for this NEW CAR (depreciates faster) a two year time limit is all your going to get before something goes wrong and you feel you have to get another phone just to figure out or get back what you had. And still 8/2018 I don't see a resolution to the problem. THANKS FOR MAKING IT MORE COMPLICATED WITH YOUR NIFTY UPDATES.

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Re: Issue with Galaxy S7 notifications??

i imagine it can be embarrassing when your boss sees you on your phone when working!!

settings/ those you want to receive or turn your phone off at work!