Issue with upgrading my line

I have been trying to upgrade my line for the past 15 days but no one including the customer service reps have been able to help me.  First order placed on 11/20 was canceled by the rep because of some iasue with system but he didn't cancel the trade-in and that prevented me from re-ordering. Called up the customer care but they were not able to resolve the issue.  Needless to say the promotions expired after a few days.  Tried calling the customer care to place a new order but this time the terms and conditions page had issues.  Tried visiting the Verizon store today but the guy refused to help me and asked me to call customer care.  I have wasted more than 15 hours with customer care at this time with reps bouncing me around to others and I having to repeat the issue again and again.  This is very frustrating and not expected from an organization like Verizon. I expected them to treat all their customers well (especially the ones who have been loyal customers for years).  But I believe as they are getting so much business, customers are just a commodity to them with no value.

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