June 17th update qwerk maybe a glitch

Update To my Galaxy S8+ doesn't let me close individual apps running in the background.  Each app use to have an X in the top right of it's banner to click and close.  Now, "CLOSE ALL" is the only option. This really put a wrench in it's usefulness.

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Re: June 17th update qwerk maybe a glitch
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I feel your pain, I have the Note 9. Sometimes updates make changes in the software, and we wait for the next update, hoping it will fix glitches. Did you have any other major changes occur? Is your device still functioning normally? I reached out to Samsung for a work around, but as of yet, no news. As soon as the issue is corrected, we will be able to help, but sadly, Verizon has no control over Android updates.

Here is how to contact Android: https://support.google.com/android/?hl=en#topic=7313011




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