Knox and Verizon Security and Privacy
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I don't know much about Knox as the S9+ is my first Samsung phone (I like it a lot), but it seems that Knox is a security platform baked in at the manufacturing process. I understand it is a security layer, but Verizon also includes its own Security and Privacy software. Do you guys run both or just depend on Knox?

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We are always here to help, Sandman_CA. I know how important it is to keep your device secure. 


Samsung Knox provides multiple layers of protection for mobile devices built on the Knox platform. The foundation of Knox security is Hardware Root of Trust. This means that the security checks begin with the hardware then move to the software. Enhanced security is provided by protecting the integrity of the entire device from hardware to applications.


We offer both Security & Privacy and Samsung Knox. Samsung Knox is used for business accounts. You can visit for more info.


You can visit for more info on the Security and Privacy.  


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