Korean Purchased Galaxy S20 (SM-G988N) with Verizon

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 model number (SM-G988N), which I purchased in Korea. I am wondering if I can use it on the Verizon network? 

I know that the 5G service will be incompatible. Has anyone used an S20 from Korea with Verizon?

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I appreciate your inquiry about being able to use your Galaxy S20 on our network that you have unlocked, Ellie6. Let me help you with your concerns and check on the device. What is the IMEI on the device? Here's a link you can use to check on your device to see if it is compatible with our network https://www.verizon.com/od/prepaid/bring-your-own-device/#/checkDevice. Then once you have that information, you could sign up for new service with us using this link https://www.verizon.com/plans/ . Does this help?