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Agents at Verizon have lied to me on multiple occasions over the last month. Twice I was told that a supervisor would be in touch with me with the hour and nobody called. The agent that did my trade-in told me everything was eligible when I am now told it wasn't. I would never have bought the phones otherwise. Now I have 2 phones on the kids plan. Each was traded in with the same exact phone in the same exact condition on the same exact day but yet one agent tells me it can be fixed bit he just needed a supervisor to help and now another is telling me that it isn't. I want someone to look into this further and why I am being told contradicting information? Logically it would make more sense thar they are on the same plan. Verizon messed up and has the wrong phone on it for the trade in. I had 3 samsung s9s so they just put whichever on the lines they wanted.  So this should be able to be fixed. And why can I never get to speak to someone higher up? And why do they lie and say someone is going to call? Such a waste of time. Verizon was #1 but now waaayyy at the bottom of list. I would change if I could. 

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Hello. Thank you so much for reaching out to us. It will be my pleasure to assist you today, in order to proceed I will send you a private note.