Laptop internet connectivity through phone
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Can someone clear the fog for me on the best way to connect my laptop to my phone for internet connectivity.

I was planning on adding Get More or Do More to my current account for more data allowance.

Beyond that, I'm seeing lots of options in Settings< Connections and I'm a little lost.

My laptop has Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. I need to access the internet on my construction jobsites for emails, product research, and product orders. Do I want to use Wifi or Mobile hotspot? Do I need to set up a network or is it automatic? If it is automatic, what will the network name be on my Wifi connectivity list?

If it's not already automatic, I would like to have a secure connection for making credit card purchases online as well. And, if I add Do More or Get More, do I need to add another line to my current plan?

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Re: Laptop internet connectivity through phone
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I can see how having hotspot access would make conducting business easier and more secure, PHIVAN47. Let's start with a few questions. When you mention options in settings, is that on the laptop or your phone? What make and model phone do you have? What plan is your phone line currently using?



Re: Laptop internet connectivity through phone
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Use the GetMore Data Plan... That will give you 30 gb of hotspot  usage which should be adequate for your needs.  you won't need a 2nd line.  Your laptop will connect to hotspot on your phone.   All you need to do is click on the hotspot Icon next to the wifi icon in quick settings.  (If it's not there, drag and drop it there so it's convenient.

On Get More you'll get some TV/music stufff that you may or may not need: Disney+, ESPN & Hulu;  you'll also get Apple Music... all included as long as you have plan.

For network to connect to on your laptop setting, you'll see something like, "Verizon, - etc..." select that and you are connnected; when done, just click Hotspot Setting Icon to turn off.   It's all pretty simple.   And Verizon data connections are secure for purchases;  obviously one would not wnant to use a neighborhood wifi (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.) for purchases as someone "could" hack you.  - - Good luck.