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Anyone else having severe battery drain since the update 6/26. My phone with very minimal use now needs charged by 10 am took it off charge today at 3 got home and it's 54%. WTH Verizon I might as well go back to a landline if i need to constantly have a charger because of the battery drain.  When is fix coming??? I could go from 630 a to 930 p never needing a charge!! So frustrating!!!

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We're sorry to learn you're having some trouble with your battery after the recent software update. We know that being able to rely on your phone to stay charged is everything, but we're confident that the manufacturers only intend to improve your experience when they create updates for the phones. When we checked, we were unable to find any known battery draining issues that have been confirmed by Samsung. This link will take you to our Troubleshooting Assistant. Select the 'Battery drains too fast' option for useful troubleshooting. If you're still experiencing trouble with the battery after fully completing the troubleshooting steps, let us know so that we can provide further assistance.


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Try clearing the system cache.  That often works with battery usage issues.

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check everything, you may be getting notifications on everything, select what you want!!