Locating Favorites and Log Files


Just performed a re-build on the S4 (SCH-1545) running 4.4.2.  Mostly without incident.  Usually use Go Backup Pro though it was having permission issues so I went with Super Backup this time.  I also transferred all device files using Android File Transfer.  While Super Backup restore was fairly effective (I should not have used the "restore calendar" utility as it did not play nice with my Active Sync, creating duplicates of all appointments on my Exchange Server and sending about 1500 meeting invites for meetings in the past!),  it would not restore the phone log and there was no place to save the gallery favorites.

Granted, neither of these are critical though it would be nice to have them back.  Is there a way to get these from the image I gook of the device prior to the re-build?

Thanks in advance for any advice.