Locked contents on message+

When I delete a message on delete a message on message +, there is an option to "delete all locked contents". I can't find any place that shows me what locked contents are, and of course why I would either retain or delete them.

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Re: Locked contents on message+
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pdkrones, making sure that you can delete messages is important. Let's make sure we figure this out. Any locked content means that you have at one point "locked a message" to where it wouldn't be deleted if you erased an entire text thread. To understand what I'm referring to Open up a text thread that you have >> Press & hold down on the message bubble that has what you sent >> Screen populates "Message Options" > Lock Message. Do you see that? So at one point, you had selected this option. When you go to delete a text thread, it will give you the option of deleting the entire thread of messages & including the "locked content" Does this information help? AliciaD_VZW